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Psychologist in Bel Air

Blair Wellness Group offers personalized treatment plans and executive coaching for clients who want to live a healthier and more adaptive lifestyle. Under the expert care of renowned Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Cassidy Blair and the expert team at Blair Wellness Group, clients can get the support and guidance they need to overcome mental health illnesses and addictions in a confidential and supportive environment

At Blair Wellness Group, we offer an exclusive variety of holistic treatment methods and evidence-based treatment modalities to create a customized program tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Our goal is that each patient receives the highest standard of quality care and exclusive treatment in a collaborative fashion and safe environment. 

If you’re looking for a psychologist in Bel Air who can help you achieve recovery and treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, traumas, anger and stress management, relationship or intimacy issues, and more, Dr. Blair can offer effective, evidence-based treatment modalities to resolve your mental illnesses and addictions. The following is a more complete overview of her areas of expertise. 

Areas of Specialization

Dr. Blair holds a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and is credentialed as medical staff to admit patients at various psychiatric hospitals through Los Angeles County and Orange County. She has extensive training and expertise which allows her to offer a wide variety of mental health services in Bel Air, as well as personal, executive, performance, and professional coaching. 


Addiction involves compulsive and uncontrollable urges to engage in any number of stimuli or activities, including drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, pornography, sex, shopping, traveling, social media, and more. At Blair Wellness Group, we focus on the root of the problem to create personalized treatment plans that focus on healing you from the inside out using the latest evidence-based intervention models. Clients learn to overcome their destructive patterns by increasing their awareness of possible triggers, changing associations, modifying thought patterns, and experience neuroplasticity by creating new neural pathways in their brain structure. 


Conflicts and traumatic events can become overwhelming, causing anxiety, fear, paranoia, and worry that will not go away. People who suffer from severe or prolonged anxiety disorders can find it difficult to carry out daily activities and often turn to dysfunctional behaviors, addictive substances, or patterns for maladaptive coping. Fortunately, psychological treatment models have been established to be effective in eliminating anxiety, other mood disorders, or addictions.  

Relationship Issues

If problems in your personal or professional relationships are causing you to feel angry, sad, anxious, paranoid, or just out of balance, Blair Wellness Group can help. Whether you’re dealing with abuse, infidelity, manipulation, addiction, trauma, loss, grief, divorce, or another form of an unhealthy dynamics, Dr. Blair and the expert team at Blair Wellness Group can help you overcome the challenges you’re facing and achieve a positive path toward healing. 


Do you have dreams and ambitions but cannot summon the discipline, vision, or are scared to achieve them? Find out what’s holding you back and maximize your potential with performance, executive, business, and life coaching services from Blair Wellness Group. We’ll provide you with the knowledge, tools, and the necessary techniques to be successful in your personal, social, and professional life. 

Other Conditions and Disorders

In addition to the above conditions and disorders, Blair Wellness Group offers comprehensive psychological treatment and therapy in Bel Air and the surrounding areas for the following conditions. You can also browse our website for a complete listing. 

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Our Psychologists and Therapists in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Irvine, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas offer evening and weekend appointments for our Concierge patients. Contact us today to discover how Blair Wellness Group can help you overcome personal or professional challenges and mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, addiction issues, and personality disorders. 

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