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Century City Psychologist

Blair Wellness Group provides comprehensive, expert psychological treatment, counseling, and therapy for a wide range of conditions, mental health disorders, addictions, traumas, relationship issues, conflict resolution in the workplace, and personal challenges. Under the experienced and skilled care of Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Cassidy Blair and the expert team at Blair Wellness Group, clients can break free from the anxiety, grief, depression, addictions, traumas, and other unhealthy behavioral patterns or destructive habits that are preventing them from living a happy, adaptive, and fulfilling lifestyle. 

At Blair Wellness Group, we take a holistic and comprehensive treatment approach to mental health disorders, addictions, intimacy issues, and executive coaching, treating each person with a unique combination of evidence-based treatment modalities and psychotherapy to help them achieve clinical objectives in a timely manner, instead of the traditional talk therapy alone. Clients can expect private, confidential, one-on-one sessions in a supportive environment using our Concierge services to receive intensive, intentional interventions seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. 

For therapy in Century City, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Irvine, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas, we encourage you to take the first step toward overcoming struggles and making real changes in your life. Contact Blair Wellness Group to schedule an appointment today. 

Areas of Specialization

There are many factors that contribute to and influence our Mental Health. At Blair Wellness Group, we specialize in a wide range of Mental Health services to help our clients achieve tangible results in recovery from addictions and psychological treatment for their mood disorders and Mental Illnesses. 


Addiction is a mental health illness that is characterized by physical changes in the brain, making it especially difficult for the user to stop an addictive behavior or compulsion to use substances without professional and psychological interventions. Although commonly associated with alcohol or drugs, just about any stimuli can be used in an unhealthy and compulsive manner. This includes gambling, pornography, social media, gaming, alcohol, drugs, sex, and food, just to name a few. 


It’s completely natural to feel worried or anxious from time to time, but for some people, extreme anxiety can affect their ability to carry out daily activities, professional obligations, financial commitments, and live an adaptive lifestyle. People who suffer from an overwhelming sense of fear and apprehension often turn to unhealthy behavioral patterns and destructive methods of coping to find relief from their pain, emptiness, and symptoms. Fortunately, evidence-based psychological treatments and professional counseling by Licensed Clinical Psychologist have been found to be effective at treating the underlying causes of Anxiety Disorders and other Mood Disorders, so that a person can achieve meaningful objectives and recovery from all symptoms. 

Loss, Bereavement, and Grief

Grief is the emotional reaction to any kind of loss and it can be triggered after losing a loved one, job, or even possessions of significance. After losing something that you hold dear, people often go through an emotional process called the five stages of grief. If you don’t deal with your grief in a positive and adaptive manner, it can affect your mood, functioning, overall wellbeing, cause you to be disengaged from your job and relationships, and adversely influence other maladaptive behaviors.   

Relationship Issues

Relationship problems and conflict can create havoc in your life both personally and professionally. These relationship issues and patterns of conflict can make you feel sad, depressed, anxious, misunderstood, alienated, and isolated. Whether you have recently gone through a divorce, are involved in a toxic relationship, are the victim of abuse, or require professional interventions to help you with a difficult family issue, we can help. Dr. Blair and the expert team at Blair Wellness Group are a Los Angeles and Orange County-based psychologist and experts who offer premarital, relationship, and marriage counseling, as well as divorce counseling, family counseling, and evidence-based treatment models for all types of relationship and intimacy issues.  

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Additional Conditions and Disorders

In addition to the conditions and disorders described above, Blair Wellness Group also offers comprehensive psychological therapy in Century City, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Irvine, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas for the following: 

For a complete list of our specialties, please visit our website, https://blairwellnessgroup.com/, or call Blair Wellness Group at 310.999.4996 to schedule an in-person, telephone, or virtual teletherapy meeting today.  

Looking for a Local Psychologist?

Our Psychologists and Therapists in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Irvine, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas offer evening and weekend appointments for our Concierge patients. Contact us today to discover how Blair Wellness Group can help you overcome personal or professional challenges and mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, addiction issues, and personality disorders. 

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