We do NOT accept insurance or payments from any third-party payor, to observe confidentiality of clients and safeguard the privacy of all patients.

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Are you looking for more personal, convenient, and specialized mental health treatment? Whether you need more flexible appointments or the security of a private and comfortable atmosphere, Concierge treatment might be the answer. Concierge Psychological Services offer a direct and accessible one-on-one approach to mental health treatment that you cannot get with traditional treatment models. 

Concierge Treatment takes a more individualized approach to treatment modalities and patient-psychologist relationships. In addition to creating a more intimate environment, Concierge Treatment Services allow for more comprehensive and attentive care that gives each patient the personalized, detailed, and evidence-based treatment they need for their unique mental health conditions and personal history. 


What is Concierge Psychology?

Concierge Psychology and Psychiatry revolves around an individualized approach to clinical organization and unique treatment models based on tailored approaches to meet your clinical needs. At Blair Wellness Group, our practice of not taking insurance allows us to cut out any third-party intrusions and restrictions in order to provide highest quality of care to our patients. As a result, we can streamline mental health treatment without any interference from insurance companies. This leads to a higher quality of treatment that allows our professional team to create a comprehensive treatment plan for our concierge clients. 

As an LA and OC Concierge Psychologist, we limit the number of cases we take on at any given time. With fewer cases, we can dedicate the necessary time and devote resources toward the clients we have in our concierge program. This allows for more comprehensive Counseling services and therapy models that can dig deep into your unique experiences with Mental Health Disorders, Addiction Issues, Substance Abuse, Chemical Dependency, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, Relationship Issues, Career Coaching, Anger Management, and Stress Management, with a more holistic approach rather than following a cookie cutter approach of one-size-fits-all plans dictated by third-party payors, such as insurance companies.  

Concierge Treatment revolves around principles such as convenience, comfort, privacy, security of records, highest level of confidentiality, and personalization of evidence-based treatment models. These unique qualities allow us to provide our concierge clients with our holistic approach, comprehensive treatment models, refined resources, and undivided attention so that they can achieve the highest quality of mental health treatment. 

Providing Convenient and Comfortable Care

Convenience and comfort are cornerstones of Concierge Treatment. With Concierge Treatment and Services, our Licensed Clinical Psychologists can offer more flexible appointments so that clients can better fit their care into their busy work schedules. 

Our Concierge Psychological Services allow you to make appointments in late evenings and on the weekends. We offer morning, late afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments. Convenient scheduling allows concierge clients to find the unique mental health treatment, counseling services, therapy models, and addiction recovery, in order to achieve unique clinical objectives with the highest level of confidentiality and privacy for professionals and C-Suite Executives. 

Traditional treatment models will require routine, steady, consistent, methodical, systematic approaches without changing appointment times for clients to ensure continuity of care and the treatment success required for patients. Concierge Treatment Services, on the other hand, allow for additional hours for our concierge clients as new situations and circumstances arise during the course of treatment. With our concierge programs, executive coaching, addiction recovery, evidence-based therapy models, and counseling services, you can always find the dedicated, personalized Mental Health Treatment you require to achieve objectives and enjoy renewed mental health. 

Concierge Treatment is about providing the highest quality of care, refined resources, confidentiality of records, privacy from third-party intrusions, and unique treatment models customized for each patient. At Blair Wellness Group, we strive to create a safe environment where patients can feel secure and free from judgment. Concierge Psychology and Psychiatry focuses on highest quality of patient care, which encourages full treatment compliance, therapeutic alliance, therapeutic rapport, and transparency, in order to make the treatment effective and ensure treatment success for our clients. 

Concierge Treatment Through Teletherapy


Teletherapy allows us to offer the best Concierge services to our patients. Through telephone sessions and remote meetings, we can offer more flexibility in meeting with patients and provide expert therapy, addiction treatment, and Counseling services. When work constraints, family responsibilities, long commutes, or other obstacles prevent you from keeping in-person appointments, teletherapy allows you to achieve the undivided attention you need with your Licensed Clinical Psychologist. 

Teletherapy allows clients to connect with us from the comfort of their home or office space. This makes scheduling routine appointments much more practical, safe, secure, and convenient. It also allows clients to easily meet with us without being burdened by commutes, parking hassles, waste of their time, and to receive the highest quality of care during crisis. 

As part of our Concierge Treatment, Blair Wellness Group offers telephone sessions and remote meetings seven days a week to our busy professionals and C-Suite Executives. This allows our concierge clients to obtain the professional help, addiction recovery, crisis intervention, support, guidance, coaching, therapy, and counseling services they need in the comfort of their home or office.  

A Calm and Private Environment

Blair Wellness Group makes clients feel welcome from the moment they step through our doors during their initial consultation meeting. 

Concierge Mental Health Treatment is about more than just patient comfort. We also strive to instil a sense of privacy and confidentiality of their records from unlicensed staff or third-party intrusions.  

Immediacy and Direct Access

When you seek mental health treatment, you shouldn’t have to go through third parties or extra steps to receive the customized attention and the highest quality of care you require to meet your specific clinical needs and addiction treatment. Concierge Treatment and counseling services at Blair Wellness Group provide direct access to your Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Therapist, so that you can focus on receiving the quality care, evidence-based therapy, scientific treatment models, coaching, and counseling services you need without hassle or restrictions imposed by others. 

With our Concierge Psychological Services, there is no receptionist to stand between you and the direct services you need from your Licensed Clinical Psychologist after becoming an established patient in our Concierge program. Your Psychologist’s professional attention is entirely focused on you and what you need in the moment. 

Clients also don’t have to manage insurance requirements or paperwork. This means that extended or additional treatment sessions, specific treatment modules, and other details of your care plan don’t hinge on the approval of an insurance company. As a result, clients can receive more personalized and flexible care without wait times or other obstacles insurance can create. This makes it easier to access the expert Counseling services, therapy models, coaching, and addiction treatment you need to treat underlying symptoms, comorbid disorders, personality disorders, intimacy/relationship issues, and other mental health disorders. 

Direct access to your Licensed Clinical Psychologist, executive coach, and addiction specialist also allows for the highest quality of care and crisis intervention to handle negative events in your life. For example, if you have an addiction disorder, Concierge Addiction Treatment can allow for intensive treatment, counseling services, and interventions needed to address crisis in your personal and professional life. Direct care allows Licensed Clinical Psychologists to help clients handle adverse circumstances without derailing their ongoing treatment and progress in therapy and counseling. 


Why Would I Pay for Therapy Out of Pocket When I Have Medical Insurance? 

At Blair Wellness Group, we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive care that addresses their personal challenges and individual experiences with mental health disorders and addiction treatment. Because of the personalized approach, we do not accept payment from insurance companies or other third-party payers.

Out-of-pocket therapy gives you more control over your treatment plan so that you can focus less on restrains imposed by insurance companies and instead, focus on receiving the highest quality of care, counseling services, evidence-based therapy models, concierge care, C-Suite coaching, addiction recovery, and the best mental health treatment you deserve. The greater cost of out-of-pocket therapy is worth the peace of mind, security, privacy, and confidentiality of your records. 

Protecting Medical Records 

Security and confidentiality are two of the most important advantages of paying for therapy without the interference of insurance companies or other third parties. Patients who want to use health insurance to pay for therapy must receive a mental health diagnosis of a Mental Health Disorder, demonstrating significant impairment in daily functioning. This diagnosis then goes on your medical records, which means it can show up on future employment applications, life insurance applications, legal proceedings such as custody battles, or be subjected to discovery in case of subpoenas or depositions, and other crucial forms. Out-of-pocket therapy keeps your diagnosis out of the health insurance system and allows you to keep your personal mental health history confidential. 

Care Without Barriers 

In addition to requiring a diagnosis, health insurance companies might also have certain regulations or specifications about the type of therapy you receive, how long your treatment plan can last, or various other restrictions to your mental health care. These stipulations create barriers that can interfere with the overall quality and efficacy of your mental health treatment.  

With out-of-pocket therapy, you have complete control of your treatment plan. Your Licensed Clinical Psychologist can offer you the treatment modalities based on your specific clinical needs, severity of symptoms, acuity of issues, and personal history in a tailored and customized fashion that would meet your personal objectives in a timeframe that adjusts as necessary to suit your progress as well as any factors that arise during your confidential treatment. When you don’t have to navigate the requirements of insurance companies or other third parties, you can experience completely personalized care that addresses all of your mental health needs and clinical objectives with your privacy and confidentiality intact from other third-party intrusions.  

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