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Organizational Psychology

Workplace culture is a complex system driven by individual and group dynamics. Although the success of a business is often discussed in terms of productivity and profitability, these two performance indicators are influenced by human behavior and attitude. By focusing on employee achievements and interaction with others as well as overall mental well-being, leadership can identify solutions to workplace problems while also improving individual performance and employee satisfaction.

If you’re in a leadership role at your organization and are interested in learning how to better solve complex business problems and create a high-performance culture that drives productivity, we can help. At Blair Wellness Group, we offer business and executive coaching in Los Angeles and we also specialize in organizational psychology that is aimed at addressing work-related problems and building a cohesive culture. If you would like to learn more or have been looking for a local psychologist who is skilled in organizational psychology, please contact us.   


The Importance of Organizational Psychology


Traditionally used as a means for self-improvement and nurturing mental health, the science of psychology is now being recognized as a means for solving complex business problems and creating a positive workplace culture with happier employees. By analyzing organizational structure, management style, role expectations, training programs, and communication methods, recommendations can be made to boost performance, improve employee retention, and solve other problems relating to the workplace. 


Unlike short-term programs aimed at increasing morale or improving productivity without true change, the support of an organizational psychologist can actually transform company culture and remove barriers to success by assessing communication effectiveness, motivation and reward systems, as well as employee performance and work-life balance.  

How Organizational Psychology Can Assist Companies


Organizational psychology focuses on understanding the relationship between human behavior and the workplace. With that in mind, some people might wonder how this insight can then be applied toward creating a more successful organization where employees feel respected and valued. 


There are several ways in which a psychologist can apply their expertise and knowledge of behavioral principles to provide tangible solutions. 

Increase Productivity


When employees are happy, respected, and feel they have a purpose, their commitment to the organization will be reflected in their performance. An organizational psychologist can help to identify areas for improvement related to employee morale, work-life balance, training needs, and more. By helping employees feel more engaged and more fulfilled in their work, the results are often seen through an increase in productivity. 

Conflict Resolution


Workplace conflict is something that every organization experiences, but when it goes unresolved or is handled inappropriately, it can create a tremendous amount of stress for everyone involved and ultimately affect team dynamics. Psychologists can help in this area by identifying problematic forms of communication and teaching mediation and conflict resolution techniques. 


Team Building


Collaboration, communication, and respect between team members are essential for creating a high-performing organization. Organizational psychologists can assist with building strong connections between team members by focusing on the importance of effective communication and encouraging collaboration through team-building activities. This is especially important for businesses that have recently transitioned to new ownership or have employees working remotely. 

Employee Morale


A workplace marked by harassment, unclear protocols and expectations, and unsafe working conditions, will likely lead to unhappy, unproductive, and even resentful employees. Organizational psychologists can help in these situations by identifying coaching opportunities for both employees and leadership. Employee morale can be influenced by many things and it is the job of the psychologist to ask questions about conflict, management support, and communication consistency, among other things, in order to identify areas of potential improvement. 

Define Company Culture


Although it may seem like things such as productivity, communication, and employee morale are very different things, they are in fact all related through company culture. Company culture is the underlying set of shared values, attitudes, and practices that guide the actions of team members within an organization. It impacts all aspects of the business from your brand identity to employee retention. Therefore, an organizational psychologist who can help define or improve company culture will in turn affect all other facets of the business.


Psychologists can help clarify an organization’s culture by observing and asking questions in order to get a better understanding of the beliefs and attitudes that comprise their identity. For an organization to succeed, employees, leadership, and other key stakeholders must align with the culture. This is important to keep in mind when seeking to hire new people. By establishing a defined culture, you can ensure that the employees you hire in the future will be a good fit for your company. 

Other Benefits of Organizational Psychology


Just as psychologists work with individuals on self-improvement goals and to solve problems, organizational psychologists are hired for multiple reasons related to organizational improvement. In addition to the areas listed above, they also can help with the following:


  • Identify barriers to company growth
  • Measure employee satisfaction
  • Reduce job-related stresses
  • Establish clarity of goals and purpose
  • Address problematic culture
  • Create an environment of continuous improvement 

Learn How Blair Wellness Group Can Help Your Organization


If you’re looking for a local psychologist to assist your business in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or the surrounding area, we encourage you to give us a call. We specialize in all types of personal, professional, and executive coaching, organizational psychology, and improvement strategies that help businesses and the team members that are part of them, thrive.    


We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We take the time to get to know you, understand your challenges and pain points, and then determine where change needs to occur and create a path toward success. Whether your goal is to improve performance, reduce turnover, identify barriers to growth, or all of the above, we can help you see the big picture and get to where you want to be.    

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