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Loss, Grief, and Bereavement Therapy

Losing someone or something you love is an unfortunate and inevitable part of life. It can spawn feelings of profound sadness, guilt, anger, and regret. Although the feelings that come with loss often start to diminish over time, everyone copes differently. Sometimes people are so overwhelmed with feelings and emotions that it seems like there is no hope for a return to a sense of normalcy.
People who are profoundly impacted by a loss in their lives may find it difficult to find meaning and may struggle to maintain relationships or perform daily tasks. Dealing with a loss is difficult, and there is no one solution that will work for everyone. There is no normal timeline for when you can expect to feel better, but understanding and acknowledging what you’re going through can help.
If you or someone you know is struggling with a loss, there are things you can do to better cope and progress through this most difficult time in your life. If you find that you are unable to manage, each day isn’t getting better, or it seems like you’ve been emotionally paralyzed for a very long time, a licensed clinical psychologist may be able to help. At Blair Wellness Clinic of Beverly Hills, we welcome patients from all over the greater Los Angeles area to face their challenges and adapt to their loss so they can go on to live a happier life.

The Difference Between Loss, Grief, and Bereavement

The terms grief, bereavement, and loss are often intertwined and sometimes even used interchangeably, but each one actually has a very different meaning. Grief is the emotional experience or reaction to any kind of loss. This can include the loss of a job or house, loss of income, or a divorce. When that loss is associated with the death of a loved one, the term bereavement is often used.
The important thing to remember is that everyone responds to loss differently and dealing with grief is a very personal process that will be different for everyone. Some people are comforted when they are in the company of others, openly sharing their feelings. Others may withdraw, seeking to cope with their loss alone and on their own terms.

Types of Loss

Although grief is often associated with the death of a loved one, there are actually several different types of loss that can influence one to grieve. Some of them include:


When you go through a divorce, it’s often filled with a flurry of emotions — anger, hurt, rage, sadness, and more. Divorce represents the end of a marriage and perhaps the loss of your friend, life-partner, and perhaps even your security. It’s understandable that people who are going through a divorce will also go through the grieving process as they find ways to cope with an unknown future.

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Loss of Possessions of Significance

Losing things that hold significant meaning to you, such as the loss of a house, can cause strong feelings of grief that may not be apparent to others. The emotional connection you have to certain items can trigger a grief response when all of a sudden they are no longer there.

Loss of a Job

Although it’s not a person or a meaningful possession, the loss of a job can also trigger a grieving response. Oftentimes, a person’s identity is tied to their job, and losing it can make them feel anxious and uncertain about their future. When something that provided so much meaning and purpose to your life is no longer there, many people will have to contend with feelings of loss and sadness.

The Five Stages of Grief

People who have experienced loss will often go through an emotional process known as the five stages of grief. Although everyone grieves differently, most people will experience these feelings along their path to healing. Keep in mind that some will spend more time in certain stages than others, and some may jump back and forth between stages. The important thing is to be aware of the five stages so that you can better understand and identify what you may be feeling at a particular time.

The following are the five stages of grief:

Strategies for Coping With Loss and Grief

Dealing with the grief associated with loss is a personal journey that is unique to each person. There is no “rule of thumb” for how someone should grieve, or how long it will take to feel more at peace. The grieving process is complicated and one that can span weeks, months, or even years.
If you’re suffering from the loss of someone or something, there are some things you can do to cope and adjust to a new state of normal.

Practice Self-Care

Grieving can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. To better cope with the all-encompassing effects that grieving has on your body, it is often beneficial to practice various forms of self-care, including:

Seek Social Support

Although some people will withdraw and feel more comfortable grieving in private, seeking the support of friends and loved ones can improve your mood and help you work through the pain you are dealing with. It may not be easy, but engaging in social relationships is a necessary and healthy part of the healing process.

Consider Getting Professional Help

If you have lost someone or something precious, getting professional help can be a significant step toward helping you sort through your feelings and finding meaningful ways to cope.

At Blair Wellness Group of Beverly Hills, you’ll experience a welcoming and comforting environment to discuss your feelings. Dr. Blair is a trusted and experienced licensed clinical psychologist who uses a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and Emotion-Focused Treatment to help her clients develop strategies to get through their grief and find a way to move on.

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For your convenience and safety, if you would prefer to seek help without coming to our office, we also offer teletherapy and telephone services that are designed to provide our clients with an easy way to get the help they need regardless of location. Call today at 310.999.4996 to schedule an appointment.

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