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Teletherapy Services/Telemedicine

Blair Wellness Group is proud to announce that our office now offers Teletherapy and Telephone services designed to make life easier for our patients and clients. We are known for our concierge services which allows patients to schedule treatment at a time that works for them 7 days a week including on weekends and evenings .

Telephone sessions or Teletherapy meetings, also known as online treatment, e-treatment, or virtual treatment, is a groundbreaking new way to seek mental health treatment or coaching for all clients. At Blair Wellness Group, we believe that treatment sessions and coaching should be available to our clients at any time anywhere to ensure that our patients and clients can get the personalized care and customized treatment they need in a timely manner. This approach allows clients 7 days a week access to their Doctor from the convenience of their home or work.

The Advantages of Telephone Sessions or Telepsych Meetings

As Licensed Clinical Psychologists, we understand the needs of our patients who struggle to find the time in their busy schedules. That’s why our Telephone sessions and Teletherapy meetings are such a great resource for people who recognize the need for support, care, treatment, guidance, coaching and therapeutic services, but may not be able to carve out the time for an in-person appointment due to professional constraints, busy schedules, family obligations, or far commute.

At Blair Wellness Group, our goal is to break down the barriers that cause people to put off seeking the necessary treatment they need. Thankfully, Telephone sessions or Teletherapy meetings allow our patients to contact us from the comfort and privacy of their home or office, ensuring that they are able to speak with a professional psychologist in a confidential setting when they need help the most.

You don’t have to suffer in silence, remain isolated or detached, or feel disconnected through difficult times with the help and support of our Licensed Clinical Psychologists through Telephone sessions or Teletherapy meetings. As we seek to break new ground and innovate in order to provide quality care treatment and Concierge services to all clients, we are taking advantage of modern technology to do so. Convenient, easy, and effective, our Telephone sessions and Telepsych meetings have been created with the benefit and wellness of our patients in mind.

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Telephone Sessions and/or Online Treatment With a Licensed Clinical Psychologist

If you are interested in scheduling a Telephone session or Teletherapy appointment, we are ready to assist you while keeping meetings private and totally confidential. We realize that the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused the majority of clients to self-isolate and quarantine themselves. We also recognize that many of our patients require immediate interventions and therapeutic services of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist more than ever before. That’s why our telephone sessions and secure video appointments are the perfect solution.

Dr. Blair, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Beverly Hills, utilizes a combination of therapeutic modalities to achieve SMART, Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Timebound results for all clients, many of whom are executives, professionals, corporate employees who don’t have the luxury of time of spending many years in treatment. By combining Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, Dialectical Behavior Treatment, Psychodynamic Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Crisis Intervention Treatment, Interpersonal Treatment, Emotion-Focused Treatment, Psychodynamic Therapy and Gestalt Treatment, Dr. Blair is able to provide unique treatment solutions for all clients.

Blair Wellness Group Treats a Variety of Conditions and Disorders

No matter what you’re going through, it’s most important to remember that even in this time of emotional turmoil and turbulence, you do not have to go through difficult and challenging times alone. Whether you are dealing with addiction, age-related issues, anger, anxiety, codependency, depression, marriage and family issues, personality disorders, stress, or trauma and abuse, our Telephone Sessions and Teletherapy Meetings are designed to provide you with the necessary assistance, quality care, support, therapeutic interventions, Life Coaching, Professional Coaching, Business Coaching, personalized guidance, and the variety of treatment modalities you need — right now.

if you are in need of mental health treatment and therapy, Blair Wellness Group can help. Contact us today to begin your journey to wellness, mental health, and success.

Our Core Values

Discover effective solutions for addiction at Blair Wellness Group today. Call us at 310.999.4996 to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Irvine, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas.



At Blair Wellness Group, we are here to meet your clinical needs at any time.


Dedicated Support

Our team provides the compassionate care, support, and necessary interventions needed for our clients to achieve their goals and clinical objectives.



With 15+ years of clinical experience in providing an array of psychological services, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their goals.


Professional Team Support

We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients and have the extensive training to provide them with high-quality care.

Looking for a Local Psychologist?

We offer evening and weekend appointments for our Concierge patients. Call us today at 310-999-4996 to discuss how Blair Wellness Group can help you overcome depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, addiction issues, and personality disorders.

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