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Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT)

There are many different types of therapies and treatments psychologists use to help people manage mental disorders. Many of them fall under the category of psychotherapy which is a type of talk therapy that focuses on helping clients work through particular issues, overcome stressful or problematic thoughts and behaviors, and find effective ways to improve daily functioning. Mentalization-Based Therapy, or MBT, is a form of psychotherapy that is commonly used to treat those who struggle with borderline personality disorder. It helps them see how certain thoughts and feelings may be linked to their impulsive or risky behaviors.

Although traditionally used to treat BPD, mentalization-based therapy has also been found to be successful in the treatment of certain stress disorders, eating disorders, and depression. If you have been diagnosed with any of these mental health disorders, or if you’ve been looking for a Psychologist in Los Angeles who can help with a variety of challenges including addiction, anxiety, relationship issues, anger management, trauma, and more, please contact Blair Wellness Group to make an appointment.


What is Mentalization?

The term mentalization in Mentalization-Based Therapy refers to having the ability to identify your own emotional state, differentiate it from the mental state of others, and understand how other people’s thoughts and feelings have an impact on their actions. In other words, it’s the process of interpreting emotions and human interactions in order to determine action and behavior. It’s something that is done in everyday life, but for some, the capacity to mentalize has been diminished.

People who struggle with borderline personality disorder often have trouble understanding their own feelings as well as the feelings and intentions of others. Emotional instability is a key feature of this mental disorder and it may in part be due to an individual’s inability to mentalize. For someone who has difficulty empathizing or understanding the feelings and actions of others, they are more likely to react negatively or inappropriately in certain situations which can contribute to a pattern of disrupted or problematic relationships.


Understanding Mentalization-Based Therapy

People with Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as some other mental health conditions, have a diminished capacity for mentalization. This is thought to originate from problems involving childhood relationships. Because mentalization is something that is learned through interactions early in life, if someone lacked a secure attachment to a primary caregiver or experienced abandonment at a young age, they may not fully develop the ability to mentalize.

Mentalization-Based Therapy focuses on helping individuals process their own thoughts and feelings in order to regulate their emotions and alleviate problematic behaviors. They learn how to see things from another person’s perspective and effectively interpret their thoughts and behaviors so as not to respond inappropriately. For those who have difficulty with mentalizing, it can take some time to develop and strengthen these skills. Psychotherapy such as MBT isn’t intended to be a quick fix, but with dedication and an experienced psychologist, it can prove to be very effective. 

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Conditions Treated With MBT


Although Mentalization-Based Therapy is often used to treat people with borderline personality disorder, its benefits extend far beyond that. Anyone who has suffered trauma, severe emotional distress, or has had long-term difficulties maintaining positive relationships can often benefit from MBT. The following is a list of some of the mental health disorders that have been treated with MBT:


Borderline Personality Disorder


Other Personality Disorders




Eating Disorders





What To Expect From Mentalization-Based Therapy

The goal of Mentalization-Based Therapy is to increase one’s ability to mentalize or think before reacting. This is accomplished by exploring your own thoughts and feelings as well as trying to understand what may be influencing another person to think or act in a certain way. Strengthening mentalization skills allow an individual to feel more secure in their ability to manage social interactions and relationships, resulting in improved regulation of emotions, behavior, and a greater ability to maintain meaningful relationships.

In addition to mentalization-based therapy, some patients may benefit from other forms of therapy including Psychoanalytic Therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Both are focused on bringing meaning to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so they can be better understood and used as a positive means for change.

CBT specifically focuses on identifying the negative thoughts and behaviors that are causing distress in your life and working to find an effective means for managing them. Psychoanalytic Therapy, on the other hand, explores the effect that unconscious thoughts and feelings can have on current behaviors and actions. By working through repressed memories and emotions, patients can get a better understanding of their own motives and start to progress toward a path of healing.

About Blair Wellness Group

At Blair Wellness Group, we specialize in providing a variety of mental health therapies including Mentalization-Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Psychoanalytic Therapy, as well as various therapeutic modalities and evidence-based treatment approaches designed to achieve optimal results for all clients. To learn more about them, please visit our therapies and treatments page.

If you’ve been searching for an experienced and devoted psychologist in Los Angeles, we encourage you to meet Dr. Cassidy Blair. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who offers comprehensive concierge-style mental health and coaching services in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and the surrounding areas. Dr. Blair is dedicated to helping her clients achieve positive mental health, happiness, and success by working together to find solutions to their unique challenges. Clients can expect personalized care and unparalleled therapy in a confidential and nurturing environment.

Whether you’re dealing with a personality disorder, addiction, PTSD, relationship problems, or another mental health issue, Blair Wellness Group can help. We understand that mental health isn’t a 9 to 5 problem, and that’s why we offer concierge-style care which allows clients to get the help they need when they need it. Appointments can be scheduled in the afternoon, evening, and even on weekends. Experience a higher level of care from a renowned psychologist who is passionate about helping people live their best life. Contact Blair Wellness Group today to schedule an appointment.


Binge Eating Disorder Therapy

If you’re ready to break free from an unhealthy relationship with food and regain control of your life again, Blair Wellness Group can help. Under the expert and compassionate care of renowned licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Cassidy Blair, you’ll gain better insight into the possible cause of your eating disorder. Using various evidence-based treatment modalities, Dr. Blair will help you change the thoughts and emotions that are fueling your dangerous behaviors.

At Blair Wellness Group, we offer concierge-style care to clients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Malibu, and the greater Los Angeles area. Appointments can be made seven days a week, including nights and weekends and for your convenience, we also offer in-person, telephone, teletherapy, or virtual sessions. Call 310.999.4996 today to schedule an appointment.

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