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Relationship/Love Addiction


True intimacy can be difficult to find, and even harder to hold onto. But when a love addiction emerges, relationships often become muddled and messy very quickly. 

At Blair Wellness Group, we offer relationship Treatment in Beverly Hills to help sort through challenges so our clients can experience healthy relationships and improved mental health.  

Relationship Addiction Quiz

Perhaps you are wondering if you have a relationship/love addiction in the first place. Before we dive into the details of relationship addictions and what our treatment entails, ask yourself the following questions to see if any of these ring true in your life:

  1. Have you found yourself staying in a bad relationship because you hated being alone that much? 
  2. Do you have a history of returning to ex-partners for the same reason? 
  3. Since becoming an adult, what was the longest period of time you’ve been romantically unattached? 
  4. Do you find yourself being attached to the idealistic notions of romance and love that you see in movies or read in books? 
  5. Do you ever feel that, if you could only find the right partner, you could finally be truly happy? 
  6. Have you felt the need to do a complete personality makeover on your partner rather than admitting they aren’t the right person to be with? 
  7. Do you have a pattern of talking yourself into staying with your partner because you can’t stand to be alone, even if you know they aren’t right for you?

While many of us are able to answer yes to a few of these questions at certain times in our lives, if you found yourself identifying with many of these issues, it’s worthwhile to learn more about relationship addictions and how treatment can help. 

What is A Relationship/Love Addiction?

When people talk about “addictions”, they usually are referring to something they are quite fond of, but isn’t healthy for them. When it comes to love, relationship addictions are typically characterized by patterns such as:

  • Being more interested in feeling in love than working on a healthy relationship
  • Obsessively talking about falling in love
  • Feeling incomplete without being in a relationship

While relationship/love addiction doesn’t have a formal diagnosis or technical definition the way substance abuse or other addictions do, taking a sober analysis of things might reveal that you have a problem with which you need professional help. 

Whether you are moving from relationship to relationship at lightspeed, you feel the need to have multiple relationships at once, or something else altogether, we offer relationship addiction treatment that can help get to the root of these issues. 

How We Can Help

Dr. Cassidy Blair is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Beverly Hills who helps her clients surmount depression, marital conflict, abusive and toxic relationships, and many other needs. Her expertise in relationships is combined with her genuine passion for facilitating her clients’ improved mental health and well being.  

Contact Blair Wellness Group

Relationship and intimacy issues often feel impossible to overcome on your own. But you aren’t alone in your struggles — we are here to listen and help. We offer concierge-style treatment services, allowing greater flexibility with scheduling and resources. Contact us today for relationship addiction treatment in Beverly Hills!

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