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Intimacy Issues

If you deal with intimacy issues in your life, the good news is that you’re not alone. Whether it’s sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, or intellectual intimacy, finding a way to overcome your challenges is difficult. 

From low self-esteem to isolation to a dislike of physical contact with others, there are plenty of reasons that intimacy issues can arise in your life. The good news is that Blair Wellness Group is here to help you get to the bottom of your issues as you seek to move forward in your life.

Whether you’ve dealt with abusive or toxic relationships, surviving infidelity, or coping with a difficult family member or professional colleague, if the end result was a difficulty finding intimacy with those who you’re close to, it makes sense to get the help you need.

Do You Have Intimacy Issues?

From shutting down emotionally to being fearful of commitment, there are a variety of different intimacy issues that can pop up in relationships. Sometimes they’re issues that you’ve dealt with for your entire life; other times, they seem to pop up out of the blue. Whatever the case may be, if you’re having a hard time being intimate with your partner or with those closest to you, seeking counseling services is the perfect solution.

At Blair Wellness Group, we believe that there’s never a bad time to find a psychologist, and in fact, the best time is right now. With a variety of different options for individual counseling, we’re here to help you find balance in your life, ridding yourself of the issues that weigh you down.

Led by Dr. Cassidy Blair, our concierge counseling services are designed to meet you where you are and offer personalized assistance that allows you to overcome your own challenges and struggles. 

Get Help With Relationship Problems

Every good relationship takes a lot of work, but what if there’s a roadblock that you just can’t seem to overcome? If that’s the case, seeking help is the smart decision.

For some, it’s a difficulty sharing their feelings that keeps them from experiencing intimacy. For others, it’s a challenge to share their thoughts effectively. Others still are fearful of what it means to find sexual intimacy. 

Whatever the case may be, this can inevitably lead to relationship problems. In fact, according to Psychology Today, “Fearing intimacy and avoiding closeness in relationships is the norm for about 17% of adults in Western cultures.” Additionally, it can be difficult to recognize that you have a problem. Many “come to this conclusion indirectly after having problems at work, losing a relationship, or being dragged to counseling by a partner.”

Ultimately, regardless of what is going on in your life, seeing a psychologist can help you navigate many of these common emotional reactions.

Professional Relationship Counseling in Beverly Hills

Seeking counseling for relationships is always a challenge, but the first step is to admit that you need help and that you’re ready to make a positive change in your life. Whether you’ve struggled with intimacy issues for years or they’ve popped up recently because of a problem with your relationship, you don’t have to go through it alone.

We Offer Counseling Services in:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica
  • West LA
  • Westwood
  • West Hollywood
  • Century City
  • Hollywood
  • Brentwood
  • Manhattan Beach
  • And More

At the end of the day, no matter where you’re located in Los Angeles, if you’re seeking counseling for relationships or intimacy issues, you’ll find that Blair Wellness Group is the perfect solution. With confidential, concierge-style counseling services designed to treat your specific problems, Dr. Blair’s goal is to help patients in a confidential and judgment-free space. 

Blair Wellness Group Reviews

“I could not recommend Dr Blair enough and feel that 5 stars don’t do her and her practice justice. The experience she provided me with has been nothing less than exceptional – with customized care and approach I felt heard and understood from day one. Her words and actions have integrity written all over them, and I feel grateful every day for the opportunity to be in her practice.” – Em

“The most rewarding experience of my life started the moment I started working with Dr. Blair and her team. I have been able to enjoy a quality relationship with my wife and grow my company exponentially as a result of her devotion and dedication to quality care and my well-being.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Blair has been the best referral I have received. Dr. Blair is the reason I became a true believer in the power of mind over body. I have been the most successful in my marriage, career, and relationships as a direct result of Dr. Blair’s extraordinary talent, character and devotion to excellence. I am impressed and grateful.” – Chris

With a perfect 5.0 rating on Birdeye, we think you’ll find that Blair Wellness Group offers patients a uniquely effective approach to treatment in Beverly Hills and the surrounding communities. 

About Dr. Blair

Dr. Cassidy Blair offers a variety of concierge counseling services through Blair Wellness Group. In addition to being a graduate of the University of Southern California, she has worked with patients all across Los Angeles. By utilizing a combination of different treatments (including cognitive behavioral treatment, psychodynamic treatment, dialectical behavioral treatment, interpersonal treatment, Gestalt treatment, and crisis intervention treatment, Dr. Blair is able to offer patients a personalized approach that meets them where they are.

Learn more about Dr. Blair here, then contact us to schedule an appointment to get the help you need.

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