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Performance Coaching

What is Performance Coaching?

A Process:


To understand Performance Coaching, it is necessary first to understand the process of coaching. Coaching does not cover the basics of its object but is focused on the extension, development, improvement, and perfection of its object. For example, in regard to coaching football, coaching does not teach the basics of playing the game, but it focuses on how one or more players are playing the game. Coaching seeks to identify weak areas of performance and provides various forms and methods of teaching the player how to improve general playing techniques in one or more specific aspects of playing the game. Thus, the objective of coaching is to extend the playing abilities of the player, develop their playing techniques and styles, improve their general performance, and to perfect their playing of the game to maximize the likelihood of winning.


The focus is on tasks, roles, and activities:


Performance Coaching focuses on raising the quality of performance of an individual in regard to one or more tasks, roles, or activities. Unlike sports team coaching, Performance Coaching ordinarily involves only two participants, the subject and the coach. Thus, the coaching situation is one in which one person, the coach, facilitates in a variety of ways the talents, skills, and abilities of another person, the subject of the coaching. The coaching objective is to guide the subject in making a variety of forms of positive changes in their thinking and actions in regard to one or more activities, usually work activities, to improve and perfection their functioning.


Advancing knowledge, skills, and expertise:


It is important to realize that, while Performance Coaching may involve advice and the sharing of experience offered by the coach to the subject, Performance Coaching entails considerably more than simply advice and experience sharing. Performance Coaching provides for the subject to advance in knowledge, skills, and expertise through the interaction with a coach in a positive and meaningful professional relationship.


It’s for individuals, teams, and groups in organizations:


Focusing on the raising of performance effectiveness, Performance Coaching can be directed towards individuals, teams, and groups, and organizations as a whole. The intention of Performance Coaching to help people to reach their highest potential in their activities acting within a particular role. The objective is to develop and apply a holistic approach to performance development, using a wide variety of approaches and techniques.


How can work with a Performance Coach help?


Working with a Performance Coach can help:


  • To identify and isolate particular obstacles that negatively affect the achievement of one’s true potential

  • To discover and set practical, meaningful, and achievable goals and objectives

  • To develop new skills that are relevant and effective

  • To identify and maximize valuable and useful strengths.

  • To identify and develop approaches to encounter and overcome weaknesses

  • To develop a better understanding of personal needs wants, and desires within the framework of working in some larger context, such as teamwork in an organization

  • To become more sensitive to and better understanding of the reactions and emotions of other people

  • To develop the skills to inspire and work with a team seeking success.

  • To identify and develop effective ways to approach and overcome negative thoughts and behaviors


Therefore, Performance Coaching represents a strong and effective approach to develop and improve one’s performance in a variety of settings in the work environment.



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