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Knowing When To Get Help: What is Crisis Counseling?

In the US, half of the mental disorders begin at age 14 and three quarters starts when one is aged 24 years and above. In fact, 5% of adults aged 18 years and above suffer from a mental illness every year. This translates to 43.8 million people.

Overall, employees stress levels have risen by 20% in the past three decades. As such, 76% have had a negative impact on their relationship, 66% have lost sleep and 16% have had to quit their jobs. A vast majority of employees have cited management as the source of their stress and crisis.

When in a crisis, help is available through crisis counseling. Examples of events that trigger a crisis include financial trouble and the death of a loved one. One thing you need to know is that a mental crisis is not something people often prepare for.

Human and natural disasters have a devastating impact on one’s life. If help is not sought immediately, it can lead to physical injury and loss of employment. The good news is that you can identify emotional distress.

All you have to do is watch out for certain warning signs.

Common Warning Signs of a Crisis

There are several signs a family member, or a colleague can display confirming they are in a crisis. They include:

  • Feeling hopeless or helpless
  • Isolating oneself from other people or activities they loved to do
  • Sleeping or eating too little or too much
  • Having low energy levels
  • Always feeling guilty for no apparent reason
  • Use of drugs such as prescription medication
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking
  • One has difficulty adjusting to normal life (home or work)
  • One has suicidal thoughts

If you note any of the signs above, take action immediately. Consult a crisis “psychologist” and “therapist” in your area

Types of Crisis

There are different types of crisis apart from those caused by a cataclysmic event. They include developmental and existential.

Developmental Crisis

Life is rife with challenges. When faced with any type of challenge, people react with a developmental crisis. For instance, a crisis can start when your children move out or when you approach retirement.

In such a case, life may seem difficult and may trigger anxiety and even affect your self-esteem. If the crisis is difficult to deal with, it will trigger more stress. On some occasions, a crisis can trigger painful memories.

The good news is a developmental crisis can help one develop and may equip you with skills to face the world.

Existential Crisis

This refers to conflicts related to spirituality, direction, and life purpose. A good example of an existential crisis is a midlife crisis. This is the transition of self-confidence and identity which occurs in middle-aged individuals.

Many people think that a mid-life crisis won’t happen to them. Well, there are signs to check for that will confirm you are having a midlife crisis. To help you confirm if you are having a midlife crisis, answer the following questions:

  • Are you feeling blah about everything in your life?
  • Do you dread getting out of bed every morning?
  • Do you find yourself debating what next step to take?
  • Is your life on autopilot?
  • Have you lost purpose in life?
  • Are you making big out of character life changes?
  • Do you find yourself feeling jealous of others?

If you agree with all the questions above, then you are facing a midlife crisis. The best solution for dealing with such a crisis is crisis counseling.

What is Crisis Counseling?

This refers to a form of psychological care aimed at individuals dealing with a crisis. Support offered by a counselor restores the balance to an individual’s functioning. Apart from that, he or she helps to lower long term psychological trauma brought about by a crisis.

What you need to know is that crisis counseling is time limited with short term goals. As such, it helps to achieve stability, empowers the patient and gives them a sense of safety. In crisis counseling, a session can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

He or she will use a psychological first aid and crisis intervention strategies. This helps to lower acute distress and improve the patient’s mental stabilization. It also integrates prosocial coping skills which helps one regain their social skills.

Where Crisis Counseling is Critical

Crisis counselors can provide mobile services to people affected by a disaster. For instance, if a neighborhood is razed down by a fire, crisis counselors can help people deal with their loss.

Apart from providing mobile counseling sessions, crisis counselors can work from:

  • Mental health clinic
  • Telephone crisis counseling center
  • University counseling center
  • Live chat crisis counseling forum
  • Private office
  • A nonprofit community center

Crisis counselors can also help in:

Mass Shootings

In the US, public mass shootings account for a small percentage of national gun deaths. Since 1966, 1,153 people including teenagers and children have died in mass shootings. Thousands of survivors have suffered devastating injuries.

Some still suffer from psychological scars.

Depression, anger, and PTSD symptoms are other crises that mass shootings survivors endure. With crisis intervention skills, patients have a stable anchor from all the violence.


Worldwide, over 800,000 people die due to suicide. As the 10th leading case of death in the US, suicide is brought about by severe emotional distress. With the help of a crisis counselor, one can explore their feelings and thoughts.

The counselor may use extra resources to help the patient overcome suicidal thoughts.

Sexual Assault Victims

In the US, an American is sexually assaulted every 92 seconds. Every 9 minutes, a child is sexually assaulted. When this happens, feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, and confusion arise.

Thanks to a trauma counselor, sexual assault victims can receive help. They can learn how to process their emotions in a healthy way. This helps to fast track recovery.

Crisis counseling is also important in weather disaster and domestic violence.

Getting the Right Crisis Counseling

In the aftermath of a natural or human-caused disaster, it is important to seek crisis counseling. You can also opt for live chat or mobile crisis counselors. By doing so, you get to deal with feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress.

This helps to prevent the onset of depression and suicide.

In search of effective treatment and supportive treatment? We at Blair Wellness Group can help. Schedule an appointment today and receive unique solutions for your problems.

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