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Changing the Gestalt of the Mental Landscape Through Personal Insight

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness affect 18.1% of the U.S. population. Unfortunately, only 36.9% of those suffering seek help.

As much as anxiety can be hard for you, it can also affect your personal relationships and your marriage. Anxiety makes it harder to trust yourself, causing panic or procrastination. Both are pulling you away from “the here and now” and making you distance yourself from your loved ones.

The good news is there are treatment options. Talk treatment (meeting one on one with a psychologist) such as Gestalt Treatment can help you treat your anxiety and heal your relationships.

Read on to learn more about Gestalt Treatment and where to find help in the Pasadena, Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City, and West Hollywood communities.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a general term to describe all talk treatments. During the process of psychotherapy, you spend time talking with a psychologist about your problems.

The problems can be in the past, present, or perceived problems in the future.

What is Gestalt Treatment and How is it Different?

Gestalt is a German word that means shape or form. It was designed by three psychotherapists as an alternative to tradition psychoanalysis in the 1940s. Gestalt

In its German context, the word refers to something that is experienced as a unified whole despite being comprised of distinct components. Traditional treatment focuses on separate parts. Gestalt treatment believes that by perceiving the whole understanding is increased. As understanding is increased, more acceptable solutions to problems can be found.

It uses physical experiences to connect feelings, perceptions, and emotions to the hear and now. Being present in the experiences promotes awareness and understanding.

Gestalt Treatment is:

  • Experimental;
  • Humanistic;
  • Enhances awareness;
  • Enhances freedom, and
  • Increases self-direction.

Humanistic psychology stresses the inherent value of human beings. It focuses on their ability and willingness to maintain dignity while growing in self-respect and competence.

In essence, there is no judgment in humanistic psychology and Gestalt Treatment. The role of the psychologist is to let the patient become aware and judge their behavior themselves.

Basic Principles of Gestalt Treatment

Gestalt Treatment is:

  • Holistic;
  • Believes everyone is good;
  • Believes that people are intricately linked and influenced by their environment;
  • All people strive for growth and balance.

Gestalt Psychologist use empathy, understanding, and unconditional acceptance of the client to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

Gestalt Psychologist Promote a Collaborative Relationship

Gestalt treatment does not look to change behavior but increase awareness. With increased awareness, the client can decide to change in a way that best suits them. Psychologist encourage processing things in the here and now. They use various activities to help a client stay present.

Where traditional psychotherapy is based solely on talking, Gestalt Treatment uses activities to help increase self-awareness and stay present.

A description of some of those exercises is listed below.

Empty Chair

Because Gestalt Treatment has a holistic approach, it encourages the patient to see things from all perspective.

In the Empty Chair technique, the patient sits across from an empty chair that represents their spouse, boss, or friend with whom they have conflict. The psychologist helps the patient to better understand the other person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This helps to increase the patient’s awareness.

Exaggeration Treatment

If a psychologist notices a consistent leg bounce or frown, they ask the patient to exaggerate that movement. This helps to bring awareness to the emotions associated with this behavior.

Locating Emotion

During treatment, people talk about their emotions. This is common. In Gestalt treatment the goal is to not only talk about the emotion but to also feel it.

Almost everyone has had a broken heart at one point in their life. The feeling of loss and pain is often a physical one.

By connecting the emotions with an actual feeling, it helps to increase awareness, stay present, and better process the emotion. As the emotion is being processed the patients can feel the difference in their body.

Creative Arts

Including painting, sculpting, and drawing in a treatment session is also common in Gestalt Treatment. This process can help patients stay in the here and now while gaining awareness and learn to process in the moment.

Role Play

Role-playing allows the patient to act as both themselves and as the other person. This increases awareness of the totality of the situation.

What is Concierge Treatment?

Concierge treatment can mean many things. Many busy professionals do not have years to spend in treatment to address the issues they face. By combining treatments, and focusing on the here and now, psychologist can achieve measurable specific and measurable results that are time-bound and realistic.

Concierge Treatment also focuses on client confidentiality. Some clients do not want a record of their treatments listed with their health insurance company and provide an additional level of privacy.

Concierge psychologist focus on the clients’ schedule, offering lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments. Upon request, concierge psychologist will meet 7 days per week as well as respond to texts and emails.

Gestalt Treatment and Concierge Treatment are a perfect match. Both are patient-focused, meeting clients where they are at, and focusing on addressing problems that exist in the here and now for the best results.

Are You Ready to Take the Most Important Step in Your Life?

Are you ready to begin Gestalt Treatment to address major issues in your life?

Contact us, we value your privacy and your time and have session times that fit into your lifestyle. We would love to speak with you, call (310) 999-4996 set your first appointment.

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