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Tips On How To Improve Your Ability To Handle Stress

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to always be stressed out while others remain calm and collected? Although it might seem that some people just have more stress to deal with than others, more likely than not, it’s how they deal with stressful situations that is the difference. 


Everyone experiences stress — it’s just a normal part of life. It may seem overwhelming at times, or as though you have no control over certain things that happen, but while this may in part be true, it’s helpful to remember that you do have control over how you handle stress. In addition to that, there are things you can do to build resilience and make it easier to handle the inevitable stressors in your life.  

To learn more and speak with someone who can help, contact Blair Wellness Group for stress management treatment in Los Angeles.

Build a Support Network


Each person handles stress differently. Some people may reach out to others to share their challenges and worries while others withdraw into isolation. When it comes to dealing with stress, those who rely on others for support feel its effects less than those who disconnect and dwell on it. You don’t even have to discuss the details of what’s bothering you — just the simple act of talking, listening, and connecting with another human is effective for boosting your mood and shifting your attention to something else.

Change Your Perspective


For many people, the word “stress” has a negative connotation. That’s because it’s associated with undesirable symptoms such as anxiety, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, and more. However, there is another side to stress that is often overlooked. 

In small doses, stress has many advantages. It quickens your heart rate and can make you feel alive and excited. Stress is also a powerful motivator allowing you to accomplish more in less time. In fact, too little stress may actually lead to boredom and depression. When difficult or undesirable situations cause stress, it can motivate you to make positive changes in your life. If you look at stress as a reaction that is not always negative, and in fact, one that is often beneficial, then just that change in perspective can make it easier to handle stress. 

Adopt Healthy Habits


A better understanding of the mind-body connection has shown that when you take care of your physical health, it will have a direct effect on your mental and emotional health. This may be why those who engage in regular exercise, follow a healthy diet, and get proper rest are better able to handle all types of stress. On the contrary, ignoring your health can work against you and exacerbate your stress response.  

Treatment for Stress Management


There are many self-help strategies that can be employed to manage stress, but combining them with various forms of treatment will prove to be most effective. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT), for instance, is useful for changing limiting or negative behaviors that contribute to stress. Learning how to change your way of thinking can alter future responses and serve as a long-term solution for reducing stress. 

To learn about other types of treatment that may be able to help you, contact Blair Wellness Group to schedule an appointment for stress management treatment in Los Angeles.    


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